Baby Boy Newborn Photography

  • As Maui newborn photographers capturing portraits of our own son was a new experience compared to photographing newborn portraits for our clients. It really gave me a new perspective I didn’t have before. While I have always wanted to specialize in newborn photography that became even more clear the moment I became a mom. The understanding I gained of working around a newborns feeding schedule and why it is so important to photograph a newborn in the first two weeks became so clear. 
  • When I held my son for the first time at the hospital it was an experience like none other. An experience I can now share with other moms. The community of moms is such an amazing thing to be part of and I look forward to connecting with moms on a whole new level during my future newborn portrait sessions. 
  • Now that my son is already nearly 3 months old I am so grateful I fought through the post partum pain and took the shots I did. I would have taken more if I wan’t so tired from the lack of sleep! As a photographer I strongly believe in capturing precious moments throughout the years but especially those adorable sleeping portraits of your newborn. They grow so fast and the art of newborn photography is something to be cherished forever and displayed on beautiful prints throughout your home. Grandparents love them too! I blew up a picture I took of my nephew on a huge canvas for my mom and she has it in her office and shows everyone. She loves it! And now she says she needs more canvas prints of my niece and my son. 
  • If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in Maui Hawaii and you’re not sure whether or not you want to make that big investment I encourage you to take that step. Feel free to talk to me about a payment plan, I am willing to work with you to capture those special moments. Photographers spend a lot of money on camera gear, lighting, props and education and spend a lot of time editing newborn photos. There is a a lot of work that goes into capturing those first precious moments of your little one and it is worth every penny. 


Welcoming our little boy into this world has been a life changing experience! Capturing his newborn photos during the first few days of his life was so much fun. Now we know what our clients feel when we finish editing their newborn photos from their session. 


“There isn’t a moment that goes by where my heart isn’t completely melting away, into his cuddles and adorable little facial expressions. Even when I’m working and doing stuff around the house I have a picture of his face etched in my mind and then I look over at him and just smile. He is truly a blessing, bringing so much joy to everyone around him. I love when I’m holding him and I can feel his little warm baby breaths on my skin. Every moment is precious, I want to remember each one forever. Nothing can quite describe that feeling of love you feel for your little one. ”


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