Maui Portrait Photographer

Tenessa Cavitt 

Hi my name is Tenessa Cavitt and I am a local photographer on Maui, Hawaii who has a immense passion for working with families and children. I also really enjoy working with couples and capturing their special engagement and anniversary portraits here on Maui. Living in Hawaii pursuing my dream as a full time photographer has been the most amazing experience! My husband who is from Maui has shown me all the best places to go which has naturally turned into some of my most favorite spots to shoot at. We now have a 5 month year old son and are head over heels in love with him. I am so grateful for all the families and couples who have picked me out of all the Maui photographers to capture their special Maui portraits. It has given me the opportunity to work at home with my son and the love of my life!


I love being immersed in my art and creativity and I am constantly pushing myself to learn new things about being a photographer from the technical side of things to the artistic side of capturing the most compelling portraits. I spent four years in college perfecting my craft as a photographer and videographer and graduated with a Bachelors degree in fine and performing arts: arts and technology from San Diego State University and Cal State San Marcos. I also had the honor of working at the Daniels Lab on campus at CSUSM where I first trained students how to use photo / video gear as well as show them how to edit with all the adobe programs. Soon after I was promoted to shooting photography and video for the university for all the different types of events and conferences that were held on campus. I really loved my job and thoroughly enjoyed learning in college. 


I have always loved photography since I can remember, my mom loved taking photos and wanted to pursue a career in photography but I guess she left that to me since she ended up doing Real Estate very successfully! 10 years ago I started a backyard wedding business at my mom’s house when I was only 16 so I could raise money for my first DSLR camera. I also shot those weddings for free for each of the clients to get my feet wet in the wedding world. Even though it was a lot of fun, I knew right away that my passion for photography involved children and families. My love for photography is deep rooted in my desire to capture amazing portraits for my own family. I have always been the family photographer and I really enjoyed seeing my family’s face when they printed out a portrait I took that wasn’t shot on a cell phone. The joy it gave them filled me with so much love and appreciation for my art and I get the same feeling with every family I work with today. 


I have always loved being around kids and especially when I had the opportunity to chase them around and take photos of them. I didn’t have younger siblings growing up but I did photograph my younger cousin all the time. I also did a lot of babysitting when I was younger and I always gave their parents professional photos taken while I was working, they loved it! When my sister had kids I took thousands of pictures of them and now with my own son who is only 5 months I have taken countless photos of him as well. I really can’t get enough of photographing children! It is so much fun to capture all their joy and innocence and it is so rewarding when you get that perfect photo of them looking at the camera smiling and looking adorable. Although I do love those candid shots as well, I love to see their eyes staring right through the lens and I have a ton of fun tips and tricks I have learned to capture the best portraits of kids. 


TLC Portrait Photography stands for my initials Tenessa Lorella Cavitt but also for Tender, Love and Care. When I got married my husband noticed my new initials and we both thought it was a cool coincidence. I think it fits perfectly for my business because I truly put so much love and care into each of my session. Getting to know you and create a special photo experience with you is a true honor. I put so much patience and dedication into my art from start to finish. I particularly love working with kids and love being sweet with them and the patience it takes to capture that perfect moment. A moment that speaks to you as their parents and really shows their personality. 

As a photography and film major I really have a cinematic storytelling approach to my photography. I want your gallery to share a photo experience that is special to you and different from any other session I have done. I know it’s easy to feel uncomfortable and not know what to do in front of the camera. I feel the same way. I’m here to lead you through the entire process. I’m really into a directive lifestyle approach where I give you plenty of direction on things to do that make everything you do during your shoot look natural and unplanned. I love variety and I am am super into low angle shots. I usually get wet during my sessions and test my limits with how fast I can move my camera out of the way when a splashing wave comes!

Looking forward to talking with you some more about your upcoming photo session!



Tenessa Cavitt  Photographer / Videographer

My Family  Photography by Angela Nelson Photography 

Hunter Cavitt Our son and motivation!

Our little boy smiling so big! (p.s. cell phone pic 🙂