Maui engagement photographer captures beautiful Maui sunrise 

As a Maui engagement photographer I come across a lot of couples who would like to take their engagement photos on one of the many beautiful beaches on Maui. Jade was referred to me by a friend and we talked prior to her session about a lot of possible locations for her maui engagement session. She wanted a unique location with black sand in Maui. We were going to take an adventure out to Hana but the weather wasn’t great so we decided to reschedule for a black sand beach in Kihei. That is when I suggested going to a second location to get some beautiful golden sand photos for their engagement photos as well. We both were really happy with the variety in the locations we picked together and it was a great alternative to shooting in Hana. We even scheduled the session for Sunrise to get those beautiful morning colors and that breathtaking morning light. I always suggest to families and couples to meet at sunrise if they are able to get everyone in their group up that early. It is so worth it and the pictures really showcase everyone in the best light. As a photographer who loves bright and crisp photos sunrise is my favorite. 


Maui engagement photographer

Jade and her fi·an·cé were naturals in front of the camera and so much fun to shoot! I loved the way they coordinated their outfits for both locations and the intimate moments they shared during their session allowed me to capture beautiful portraits for their engagement photos. I really love working with couples, especially for something as special as an engagement shoot. Whenever I photograph people visiting Maui there is something so amazing that happens during our session. This contagious energy of bliss fills the air because who wouldn’t be thrilled to be taking a vacation in Hawaii! It is that pure enjoyment and excitement that I try to bottle up and keep with me, reminding me how lucky I am to live here! 

My in-laws have lived here for almost 20 years and I feel so grateful to be part of a family that has embraced Hawaiian culture and what it means to truly respect Maui. I have learned so much living on Maui about how I can be the best person for others and for myself. Sharing a sprite of generosity and kindness wherever I go. Always putting my family first, treating my friends like family and respecting everyone and everything around me. Life is short and it is important to remember what is important and enjoy every free moment we do get to spend with those we love and to appreciate everything we do have. Photographs for me capture the essence of this and so much more. Memories of a time here on Maui that is so precious and valuable and should be respected and cherished always. A reminder of love, tranquility and respect for nature.

Black sand beach in kihei

They Danced Like The Moment would Last Forever

Lovers in paradise dancing on the beach

And it’s moments like these we will remember forever

engagement session posesLife is too short so fall in love and go on many adventures

Be bold, unique and brave

Man holding woman for fun candid shot

And live like your on vacation in Hawaii 🙂

Maui couple kissing